What Musicians say about my Work:
  • "Sebastian Stenzel’s guitars are outstanding works of art. They possess all the essential elements to be considered 'The best guitar one ever played'." from SICCAS GUITARS' description of my guitars
  • "the guitar has arrived safely, I only unpacked it and it played as if by itself, a fabulous instrument! So much just briefly; now I'm in a hurry to spend the rest of the day with the maple guitar! With warm regards!" Reinhard Mey
  • "...this oud is an absolute masterpiece. For those of you who haven’t heard it, I can assure you that the sound is absolutely amazing and the construction quality, first class. As for the design, revolutionary and aesthetically exquisite. There’s definitely a future here." Ross M. Daly
  • "At first, I thought this is simply a very good guitar. As I played it again and again during the next days, I was increasingly amazed by the possibilities it offered. I have played many excellent guitars, but I have never encountered such an instrument. It is really something special!"Peter Berlind Carlson, Prof. for guitar, Royal College of Music, Stockholm
  • "...I can feel that you made this guitar with your heart and I am thankful for your outstanding craftmanship that lets me enjoy music more than before!" There are only two things worrying me: that I'll spend more time to play guitar and that I don't want to play my other guitars anymore..." A guitarist from Taiwan
  • "...the instrument met every detail that I requested with a few wonderful surprises...This guitar is truly a guitar for the ages!"Rodney Burr, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  • "...I just had to take a break because I was too overwhelmed/excited by the sound and the quality of the tone. My girlfriend saw me walking cheerfully everytime I left my practice room, and at some point she asked me if I was having an affair!"A customer from Canada
  • "I didn’t know what I was getting into… Already now, the guitar superceeds all my expectations. I am now playing a guitar that soundwise translates everything I previously could only surmise. It is ready and all set, only waiting for me to impart my musical ideas, feelings and fantasies in order to make these audible in the most enchanting manner..."A guitarist from northern Germany
  • Correction of intonation of a Daniel Friederich guitar by refretting it after the Frisch/Stenzel method:
    "...I wanted to give thanks once more, ... the guitar came out fantastic, for me it is a completely new instrument! In the past I always had a love-hate relationship with it. I think, the intonation problems masked all its wonderful properties. I addition, I no longer hear these wavering sounds, the guitar now sounds clean and much more brilliant. ... For all your labour I want to thank you again very very much. Now it's a great joy to play this guitar!"José Fernández Bardesio
  • "...your guitar is unbelievable! All students are enthusiastic as well. ...By all means I am completely happy and can only congratulate you to this masterpiece!" Matthias Seidel, Prof. for guitar at University Mozarteum Salzburg
  • "This guitar makes me want to be a better human!"Enrique G., USA
  • "About two weeks ago I had the great pleasure of buying your guitar No. 141, 2010... I do want to tell you that I have desired (almost lusted for) one of your guitars for nearly 20 years...I can confirm that all of the aspects that you advertise about the qualities of your guitars are true. The guitar has the wonderful sound qualities you describe, great response, plays easily and without a doubt has better intonation throughout - especially notable in chords played in the middle of the guitar. I have played some really great guitars, but never has any guitar I played had the intonation accuracy that this Stenzel does. I am so especially impressed with that. For years now, I had become desensitized to poor intonation; after years of utter frustration with trying to get guitars in tune throughout the neck. I am now playing, and hearing, at a new level, and it is wonderful. I have been playing guitar for 46 years now and classical for about 20 and I can honestly now say that I have finally bought my dream guitar to play the rest of my life. Thanks for creating such beautiful instruments!"Alan S., USA
  • "What a great instrument - I am totally thrilled! This is the oud sound I have been searching from the very beginning! As far as ouds are concerned, I have arrived home! And if I was more sentimentally minded, I would cry with joy!"The musician, who in Feb. 2021 obtained the prototype of my enlarged New Oud
  • "… pardon me for the delay in replying, these days I am totally absorbed in the new instrument. It is, what shall I say - magic. Each time a new discovery, a special sound colour, a never-heard-it-like-this-before, as if it were a being in its own right with a unique character that makes contact with me…. almost spooky!
    I very much like the text below the beautiful pictures, and I think the tree is now more alive than ever!
    Thank you for this wonderful instrument!!"Roland K., Germany