My aim is to build instruments that inspire music, tools for unprecedented possibilities of musical expression.

meA black bird singing on a lush evening while I was falling asleep as a child,
my mother playing Chopin and Liszt on a Grotrian-Steinweg upright piano,
my father's records of Julian Bream - these were the early impressions that have formed my sound ideal. It has never changed.
After more than 30 years of professional instrument making, I can say that I can build the sound I want consistently with full control over all its aspects. This allows me to tailor your instrument as closely as possible to your needs.
To achieve this, I have used scientific methods, tradition and intuition, but more than anything, common sense. And I have enjoyed what some will call the grace of god…

To quickly get a first impression of my approach in instrument making and of me, I recommend watching this 3-minute video clip.

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